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We have embraced the challenges of implementation of the new PAS2035 standards and have set robust in-house processes in place in order to be able to deliver them as efficiently as possible.

We have all of the necessary skills in-house so that we can offer an end-to-end service for our clients to make their PAS 2035 journey as painless as possible.

  •  This service will enable you to carry out work efficiently and effectively giving you the confidence that the PAS 2035 requirements for all projects to have a competent Retrofit Coordinator so reducing your ECO compliance risk.

  • Project Coordination and optionally Retrofit Assessment of the property by a fully Certified Retrofit Coordinator.

  • No commitment to minimum work volumes and simple introductory pricing structure.

  • Service covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

  • Includes lodgement of data in the TrustMark data warehouse and declaration of conformity to PAS 2035.

  • Cover all risk path projects.

  • An alternative to the cost of an in-house Retrofit Coordinator or a route to providing additional Retrofit Coordinator capacity without any commitment. 

The background of Retrofit Coordinator Service

What is a Retrofit Coordinator?

A Retrofit Coordinator is responsible for overseeing domestic retrofit projects, from inception to completion, in order to comply with PAS 2035. This is to support clients and the general public.

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